Wondering whether I’m the right person to work with?

-Here’s what some past clients have to say

I first went to see Claire because I was suffering with anxiety and acute heart pain following an horrendous break up.  Claire showed sensitivity and worked skillfully as we worked through layers of raw emotions.  With Claire’s help I processed the trauma and found catharsis of much pain.  She helped me change my beliefs and slowly I got better.  It feels like I’ve been let out of a prison!

Working with Claire helped with improving my life in many ways. I have found strength to return to work, start socialising and I started doing yoga and I generally feel much more positive and optimistic.

I recommend Claire to anybody with any type of emotional issue who is looking to improve their emotional state.

D. B.


My left leg has been pain free since our session and this has resulted in me sleeping much better too, as it no longer wakes me up.

The problem that came up was the grief that was still impacting on my life, from the long illness and deaths of two close family members and a third member being sanctioned for two years. Your calm, friendly but also professional manner helped support me through the process. Thanks to you I can now talk about those very painful years and have conversations with other people about sad news without becoming an emotional wreck. Thank you, Claire.


I have had several sessions with Claire and have been totally awestruck. Claire is a wonderful, caring therapist who has helped me tremendously with my symptoms. Claire also makes sessions fun and I have been amazed by the huge positive shifts in my thinking since beginning working with her.

I have been able to see Claire in person for sessions but when that has not been possible we have met on Skype. Both methods seem to be equally good ways to work. In one session Claire did some excellent work which led to a reduction in inflammation on my left knee; I was amazed and impressed as the swelling has been present for over twenty five years.

In another session Claire did a PSYCH-K balance for me around self-worth. After this I decided to raise my personal rates and have therefore, increased my salary. Big smile! In general, I feel so much more confident and vibrant since working with Claire; definitely healthier, happier and more empowered.

Towards the end of each meeting Claire has set me some goals as a mini action-plan which have ensured that I follow through and ultimately get the most from my appointments. I recommend Claire’s work without hesitation as it has vastly enhanced the quality of my life.


Teacher and Therapist

I was blown away by my session with Claire Baker.
Being a life coach and a mind-body coach myself – and someone how has been suffering from an autoimmune disease similar to lupus – I wasn’t sure what different approach or knowledge she may be able to offer that I hadn’t already learned or tried.
Well, did she surprise me. The entire session was completely different than anything I have ever done and I felt great at the end of it and many weeks later still feel the positive effects.

If I had to describe her style, I’d say she is an energy healer that combines elements of psychology to undo traumas that have been trapped in the body, and therefore works with you on the root cause of the condition.

My own understanding of it is that all life experiences are stored in the body, whether we are aware of them or not. These experiences, in turn, create subconscious/unconscious beliefs that form neural patterns in the brain. We then move through our lives using these neural patterns as our life’s ‘operating system’. These patterns are not always ‘correct’ or ‘beneficial’ and can eventually manifest as physical illness in the body unless identified and revisited.

I felt Claire worked in the full spectrum – body, mind, emotions and spirit – to help move me toward balance and health.

If you have a health condition where you’ve tried it all to no avail, and are ready to delve deeper into the root cause of the issue, work with Claire. I have no doubt whatsoever she will be able to help you.

Kaliopi Nikitas