Hi!  I’m Claire Baker

Health and Wellbeing Facilitator

I’m like a detective for your health and wellbeing.  I help you detect and resolve the underlying root causes for your pain or other health issue so you can can become happier and healthier.

My Healing Journey

It was my own experience of a frozen shoulder and sciatica, the all over aches and pains of fibromyalgia, sleepless nights and days of being exhausted and brain fogged that first led me to look for ways to improve my own health.

The doctors told me it was incurable and nutrition and physical therapies didn’t seem to work for me. Rather than just masking the symptoms, I looked for things that worked with the Mind and the Body to find the underlying causes.

I first discovered all of the techniques I use now by listening to the founders online. But in 2011 there were no UK practitioners. So I ordered the Body Code self-study system and attended the first UK training workshops for Allergy Antidotes, Ask and Receive and PSYCH-K Health and Well-being so that I could apply them for myself initially.

My pain reduced, my energy increased and I went from being virtually housebound to being happy and healthy for me. 

What if your Pain and Anxiety are Messengers guiding you on the Journey towards being your True Self and Living Your Purpose?

I feel that the pain had a message for me.  It showed me that working as a management consultant finding the underlying root causes of business problems wasn’t right for me.  It led me to my real purpose in life.  Using my problem solving skills to help people to find the underlying root causes of their health issues, become happier and achieve their dreams, goals and purpose. 

My Approach

I use applied kinesiology (aka muscle response testing) to access your subconscious mind and identify the underlying causes of your symptoms. These may be energetic imbalances blocking the circuits and systems of the body. This can contribute to structural misalignments, cause food intolerances, environmental allergies and nutritional issues and prevent the body from dealing with pathogens and toxins. These imbalances are then released quickly and painlessly to restore balance to your body’s energy circuits.

Stress, anxiety, past trauma and emotional baggage can also block the body’s ability to heal and exacerbate symptoms. Many of my clients tend to try to appear strong and repress their emotions. I use gentle energy psychology methods so you can let go and feel at peace without the need to talk about any painful experiences if you don’t want to.

Finally, I help you break through blocks causing you to self-sabotage and hold you back from making changes. Whether it’s creating healthy lifestyle habits or pursuing your dreams, aligning your subconscious beliefs with your conscious goals makes it easier to achieve them.

The overall aim isn’t just to reduce symptoms but find physical, mental and emotional well-being so that you can feel happy, healthy and empowered.

These methods complement any existing treatments such as conventional medicine, nutrition or physical therapies.


My approach combines my own experience of helping myself along with a number of energy healing methods that I have trained in.  These are Body Code, Emotion Code, PSYCH-K® , Ask and Receive and Allergy Antidotes.