Free Discovery Call

Sick? – Struggling with pain, fatigue or other symptoms- either new ones that you don’t have an explanation for, or a chronic condition.

Stressed? – overwhelmed at work, school, by family, money or anything else currently stressing you; dwelling on past events or worried about the future?

Stuck? – Unsure what to do.  Maybe you don’t want to take medications or you have tried conventional and/or alternative treatments and they haven’t worked.

Sign up for a free 30 minute Discovery Call and I’ll help you explore whether your stress could be stopping your body from healing.  We’ll talk about what is currently going on for you with your health and in your life and what you would rather have instead.  If I feel my work might be beneficial for you, I’ll let you know how we can work together.  You can ask me any questions you might have about how I work, and the processes I use to help people create a life where they can be happy and healthy.