Connecting to the Healing Power of Nature

In this video I share my 5 tips for connecting to the healing power of nature even when walking is limited due to chronic illness.

Here is a summary of my tips.

Never push yourself to walk if you are extremely tired or in a lot of pain.

The first tips are simple to do sitting in your garden or somewhere in nature e.g. at a park, wood, river, lake etc.

I started doing this exercises on this bench in the park behind my house.

Grounding exercise sitting on bench in park

1.  Feel the sun on your face

2.  Place your feet on the earth. Ideally with bare feet but shoes are OK. Imagine energy from the earth entering the body.

3.  Notice what you can see, hear and feel. If you are well enough to walk

4.  Walk on grass or earth rather than concrete so that you can get the benefits of tip 2.

5.  If appropriate, walk on uneven ground to use more muscles and develop better balance.

For more information, watch the video. I’d love to hear what you think about the tips or add a tip of your own in the comments below .