Photo of Claire Baker

Hi.  I’m Claire Baker.

I’m like the Sherlock Holmes for your health.  I help you detect the underlying messages and reasons for your pain or other health issue so you can take the right actions to solve them.

I learnt this during my own healing journey.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).  At my worst, the 3 steps from my bed to the ensuite felt like running a marathon.  My limbs were so heavy and painful that I couldn’t even lift a glass of water to my mouth.  The symptoms included not only fatigue and severe pain everywhere but also headaches, sleep disturbance, brain fog, digetive problems, skin issues and more.  It felt like every system in my body was breaking down.

For over 10 years I just wanted to get rid of my symptoms and return to my previous life.  Pain killers didn’t really work and stronger ones had such severe side effects that I couldn’t take them.  I spent thousands on a nutritional therapist, supplements and the best food I could afford but it didn’t heal me.  I saw a physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor and had massage to help with my pain.  Although it sometimes improved initially, it would return a few days later.

Before getting ill, I worked as an analytical management consultant.  When a business came with a problem, we could ask questions and collect data to get to the underlying root cause of the problem.  And solving that would then solve the problem they came with.  I realised that I had been treating my physical symptoms but what I needed to do was discover the underlying reasons for them.   Thus began my search for answers.

The key lessons

I learnt how stress causes physiological changes in the body that can lead to physical symptoms. How fighting to get rid of my symptoms may actually be keeping them in place. I learnt tools and techniques to help me relax and to improve my energy flow.  I learnt about how the subconscious mind is much more powerful than the conscious mind and to make permanent changes, I needed to work at the subconscious level where our memories, beliefs, emotions and habits are stored .  I learnt how to access the information stored in the subconscious mind to get to the root causes and how to release my emotional baggage (quickly, gently and without having to talk about it) and to change my beliefs and the way I thought about life.

What changed for me

The result was not only did my energy improve and the pain drastically reduce, the nutritional work and physical treatments worked better and I became healthier.  I felt happier as I no longer thought about negative events from the past and I was much better able to handle unexpected situations without getting stressed and just freezing.  I feel empowered because I now have tools and techniques I can use to improve my energy and my health.  I can change the limiting beliefs that keep me stuck into empowering beliefs that support me in achieving my goals.   I also discovered a lot about myself and why I got so stressed about things and I grew as a person with increased confidence, self-esteem and belief in my own abilities to achieve my goals in whatever area of my life.

I am like the Sherlock Holmes for your Wellbeing

My ability is to look at the whole system and solve any problems to make it work efficiently.  As an analytical management consultant, the aim was to detect the underlying root cause of a problem in order to fix the system as a whole.  Now, I apply this same approach to help people with their health issues.

I look at the whole system – mind, body and spirit.  I help my clients connect to their innate inner wisdom, the subconscious part of them that knows how to heal and what is blocking that healing to access that information.  Through questioning and the use of various tools, it is possible to detect the underlying reasons of my client’s pain, fatigue and other health symptoms.

This allows us to create a unique roadmap of the changes that they need to make in order to create optimum well being.

Working in this way does more than just heal physical symptoms, it creates physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

The impact of this helps my clients to be happier as well as healthier.

If you would like to know more lets have a chat.