I remember what it was when my only goal in life was to get through each day with as little pain as possible.

Imagine …   Being Happy, Healthy & Empowered


Freedom from pain, fatigue and anxiety
Creating a happy and healthy life 
having a roadmap to get there
receiving support and guidance on your journey

Whether you are experiencing pain for the first time, old pain from an injury or chronic pain from an auto-immune disease or Fibromyalgia and you know that there is another way to create a pain free life.  This is for you….

Is pain keeping you from a happy, healthy and empowered life?

Are you willing for that to be different?


How would things change for you if you could

  • Feel more positive emotions
  • Reduce worry, anxiety and fears
  • Increase self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Accept yourself as you are
  • Be more positive
  • Remain calm when the unexpected happens


How would it feel if you could discover exactly what it is that you need to do to be healthy?

Remove blocks to the body’s own healing abilities to:

  • allow it to heal symptoms
  • improve energy flow
  • reduce pain


You have the power to change

  • Learn tools to quickly change how you feel
  • Focus more on what you want your life to become
  • Achieve your goals in any area of your life
    • Success at work and school
    • Improved relationships
    • and many more areas

How much of your life is currently spent managing your pain instead of manifesting the life you really want to be living?

“All I want is for the pain to go away”

Right now you may be in chronic pain, or the pain is so intense that it is stopping you from doing the things you love to do.  It’s causing you difficulties at home, at work or in your relationships.  You are worried about what the future will bring if things don’t change.

Being happy or empowered feels way too much of a stretch.  You just want the pain to go away.

I get it.

So, that’s why our first goal is to deal with the underlying causes of the physical pain. Then we move on to focusing on you doing more of what makes you happy. Finally, we work on creating the life where you feel happy and empowered so that pain doesn’t return.

“I’m frustrated.  I’ve tried so many things before that have helped other people with my symptoms but they haven’t worked for me?”

By connecting to your innate inner wisdom, we can discover the underlying root causes of your symptoms and enable  us to create a unique roadmap of what you need to do to enable your body to heal.

Because health isn’t just a lack of physical symptoms.  It is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  It is the disconnect between mind, body and spirit that can lead to dis-ease and by working on all these levels, you can be healthy again.

Physical pain often comes from some sort of emotional pain manifesting itself in your body.  By identifying and healing the emotional pain, which is the underlying cause, the physical pain is healed too.  And because we are working with the energy, there is no need to talk about anything you don’t want to.

The third element of our work is to focus on what you want instead and create the positive mindset and beliefs that will empower you to create a happy and healthy life.

Norma came to see me about a pain in her left leg. After the session she wrote to me:

“The problem that came up was the grief that was still impacting on my life, from the long illness and deaths of two close family members and a third member being sectioned for two years. Your calm, friendly but also professional manner helped support me through the process. Thanks to you I can now talk about those very painful years and have conversations with other people about sad news without becoming an emotional wreck.

My left leg is still pain free since our session. One thing I only realised with hindsight is that the pains in my leg used to wake me up at least a dozen times a night (and it was painful and also very uncomfortable). Needless to say my sleep pattern has improved, still not perfect as I am a restless sleeper BUT and it is a big BUT, I now only wake 2-3 times a night and my leg is pain free. So a lot of my disturbed sleep was caused by the pain in my leg. Thank you Claire. “

Are you ready for change?

If you have tried other things or your doctor is saying try just one more treatment and you feel in your heart that that’s not your path, I invite you to have a conversation with me.  There may be another route here that you have not even considered.

Book a Discovery Call

If you are interested in 1-1 sessions please contact me to arrange a free 30 minute Skype or telephone call.  We'll talk a bit about what is going on for you right now and what you would like instead.  You can ask me questions about how I work and the processes I use to help people improve their health and happiness.  If I feel we are a good fit, I'll let you know how we can work together.

This is for you if you are:

Open to exploring the underlying root causes of your symptoms.
Looking for an approach that works with the body and the mind.
Ready to take action and willing to make big changes in your life.
Seeking personal growth and development
Interested in new approaches to health and the work of people like Bruce Lipton,  Candace Pert and Louise Hay.